Kodiak Land Surveying offers a full range of land surveying services tailored to meet the needs of our clients.
We specialize in providing solutions to commercial and corporate enterprises as well as federal and municipal governments throughout the state of Alaska. We have been successful in completing a full range of surveying projects statewide and would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Sunrise Devider

Our range of expertise includes

 ● Engineering / Architectural Support        
         Topography for Design

         Profiling for Electrical, Pipeline, Submarine Routing
         Structural and Mechanical As-Builts
         Deformation Survey Control and Monitoring
Design Calculations
         Surface Modeling
         AutoCAD Plan Sets
         Kodiak Constructability Reviews
         Project Inspection Support

● Boundary 
        Subdivisions, Residential and Remote

        Alaska Tideland Surveys
        Alaska Remote Parcel Surveys
        Alaska Cadastral Control Survey
        ANCSA Cadastral Original and Retracement Surveys
        ANCSA Allotment, Townsite, Historical Site Surveys
        Public Land Survey System Aliquot Part

● Survey Control
       Deformation Monitoring
        Datum Conversion Calculations
        Aerial Control

        Construction Control
        GIS and Facility Asset Management
        Aerospace Mission Planning and Execution
        Historical Preservation and Management
        Global Positioning and Digital Leveling

       Topography for Design
        Surface Modeling for Quantities
        Profiling for Sub-Marine Installations

        Certified Dockside Piloting Surveys

● Construction Support
        Layout, Slope Staking, Pre and Post Project Bidding
        Design Build
        Detailed Surface Models

        Certified Quantity Calculations

● Environmental
       Site Surveys
        Impact Delineation
        Wetland Delineation
        Cleanup Progress Documentation

 Accident Site Mapping

 Archaeological/Historical Site Surveys