We appreciate the opportunity to offer you professional land surveying services.


Kodiak Land Surveying is a multi-discipline professional land surveying company based in Kodiak Alaska. Owned by Mr. James Purdy, and made up of employees that have years of experience surveying throughout the state; Kodiak Land Surveying utilizes specialized experience, efficiency and technology to provide a high quality finished product and service.

Over the last 25+ years Mr. Purdy has worked very hard to make Kodiak Land Surveying a distinguished land surveying company in Kodiak, and through a commitment to excellence and our desire for continued success we will build and nurture long term relationships for the next 20+ years, sustaining a respected presence throughout the region.

We would be happy to help you accomplish your project goals. Please take a few minutes to visit our site and please contact us with any questions you may have. I encourage potential clients to research land surveying companies prior to contracting. Please contact local contractors, government entities or any of our past clients to inquire about the quality of our services.

Thank You